Whitewater Canal
 (76 miles)

        Construction began at Brookville in 1836 as part of the statewide Mammoth Internal Improvement Bill. With its southern terminus at Lawrenceburg on the Ohio River, the Whitewater Valley Canal Co. reached Connersville in 1845.  The next year 69 miles of canal were completed to Cambridge

photo of the 	Whitewater Canal at Metamora

City which was on the National Road.  In 1847, the merchants of Hagerstown financed their own 7 mile canal extension.  At Harrison, the Whitewater also connected with the 25 mile Cincinnati and Whitewater Canal of Ohio, completed in 1843.  Destructive floods in the narrow valley, inadequate financial returns, and the railroad doomed the waterway.

Pictured: The Whitewater Canal at Metamora

An excellent Journey along the Whitewater

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